What we offer 

Action Chimneys strongly advocates the importance of chimney flue safety, and in particular the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. In order to protect your home and family, it is essential to have your chimney liners regularly inspected to ensure that they are in optimum working condition. Using the most up to date CCTV inspection equipment, Action Chimneys can quickly carry out a liner inspection and advise you on the best course of action and solution to any chimney problem discovered. 

What is involved with a chimney survey

Sample video link 

Once the initial contact is made with our office, our survey engineer will contact you directly to arrange an appointment.  The Action Chimneys Survey vehicle is used solely for surveying purposes, and arrives at your property with everything that is required to carry out the inspection. Depending on the nature and design of the property, our surveyor will use one of three different CCTV cameras, all capable of recording the image displayed.

Upon completion, our engineer will review and assess the footage before compiling a detailed report including imagery and a video link. The report issued is certified by us and may be used by you to support any potential insurance claim or remedial work should you decide to retain our services.

The cost associated with a chimney inspection is property dependent, but our office staff will be in a position to provide you with a figure once they have the details of your property. 

Practical example

Every combustible material burned in a chimney fire will deposit some residue inside the flue. In some cases, this residue can completely block the flue passageway. In the example shown, the blue arrow identifies residue buildup in a chimney flue liner. The home owner was totally unaware of this occurring over time, but they were experiencing difficulty in developing a draw from their fire.

Our survey engineer called to the house and carried out a CCTV survey. The results surprised even our engineer of twenty years experience, as the build up in this case was remarkable. The repair necessitated the entire removal of the existing flue lining and the subsequent relining of the chimney from top to bottom. This case is somewhat of an exception, and we have no desire to alarm homeowners, however, it serves to illustrate the value of CCTV survey inspection in identifying chimney problems.

Action Chimney Survey 2015 " Click image for larger view"

Mini Cam 360

Action Chimneys has recently taken delivery of the first minCam360 pan & tilt pushrod in Ireland. The minCam360 has already proven very popular across Europe and in other markets such as Australia and the United States due to its unique camera head design and several other unique features such as “Hot Swap” battery packs and wirelessly remote controlled camera head.

Thanks to the high quality camera module with zoom function and the high intensity lighting, Action Chimneys clients can rest assured that their chimneys and ducting are being inspected to the highest standards. 

The design of the minCam360 with integrated battery packs, DVR and wireless controller ensures that Action Chimneys can setup quickly and safely even in difficult to reach locations.