With the benefit of 38 years of expertise and specialist knowledge, Action Chimneys proudly recommends
Furanflex 25, the quickest and cleanest lining solution for duct and flue restoration. Furthermore, the benefits of Furanflex 25 have been incorporated into a sister product Ventiflex 25 RKV which is ideal for ventilation and ducting applications.

Furanflex25 is 100% condensate proof, without joins. Coupled with its fire resistant properties, FuranFlex25 can be used for a wide range of applications including commercial kitchen ducting, fume and chemical cabinet ducts, smoke protection, and fire proof ducting.

The liner is made from a thermosetting resin that is manufactured as a flexible tube. The liner can be manufactured to address a variety of specifications including diameter, splay and length. It is this unique bespoke approach that makes FuranFlex25 so unique and allows accurate installation as well as being quick and clean. As soon as the liner is treated with steam it goes from a flexible state to a solid state in a matter of hours. All installation equipment and steam generators are developed specifically for all Kompozit’all UK lining products.

A typical refit and replacement of a commercial ducting system can be carried out in a matter of hours, as opposed to the days required with traditional stainless steel ducting.

Range and applications of FuranFlex25 liners

FuranFlex25 Black

FuranFlex25 Black

Used for flue linings associated with oil and gas applications.

FuranFlex25 RWV

FuranFlex25 RWV

Used for flue linings associated with solid fuel applications.

VentilFlex25 RVK

VentilFlex25 RVK

Used in ventilation and air flow ducting applications.

VentilFlex25 Green

VentilFlex25 Green

Used in ventilation and fire rated ducting applications.

Additional information on the products referenced above can be accessed by clicking on the relevant image.

Our Furanflex25 installation team have been trained to the highest standard possible in the use of Furanflex products. Each installer holds a Certificate of Excellence from Furanflex.

If a manufacturing fault occurs within 25 years we will replace the liner free of charge. Upon completion of a FuranFlex25 / VentilFlex25 installation you will receive this certificate.

Ventilation Product Development

FuranFlex25 has been re-engineered to make it suitable for ventilation applications across a wide range of commercial installations. This lining range is called VentilFlex25. The unique properties of FuranFlex25 have been incorporated into this product enabling it to be used in air flow and fire rated ducting.

VentilFlex25 can be viewed in more detail here

furanflex installation into commercial premises

Application of Furanflex25

Client: Dublin City Council

This FuranFlex25 installation was carried out on a nine story office block. Access was only required at either end and the installation was completed in two days.

The installation video can be viewed here