The Furanflex25 system offers an alternative solution to a myriad of problematic situations encountered during commercial construction, refurbishments, and new installations. This technology is new to Ireland, therefore, we have created a page to answer some frequently asked questions.

+ What is Furanflex25®?

FuranFlex is composed of a glass fibre reinforced thermosetting resin, commonly known as a composite. FuranFlex25 has similar tensile strength, but better corrosion resistance, to stainless steel. It is extremely thin (circa 3mm), has no joints, and is installed by our factory trained engineers, providing the guaranteed solution for all lining applications. A FuranFlex tube consists of three layers which, when delivered and prior to curing, takes the form of a soft flexible tube folded into a compact pack.

+ How does Furanflex25® work?

A FuranFlex tube consists of three layers which, when delivered, take the form of a soft flexible tube folded into a compact pack. The Furanflex liner comes deflated and has to be inserted into the flue before being inflated to the proper size. Once the liner is in place, a steam generator is attached and it is heated. Once hardened, the FuranFlex liner is as strong as steel and provides a perfect gas tight lining. The installation process of FuranFlex is extremely clean and non-intrusive, with most installations completed in one day.

+ What are the advantages of using furanflex25®?

  • It is the most flexible lining system available, from 50mm to over 1000mm diameter.
  • It follows the exact path of the flue/ductwork.
  • It maximises lining diameter for efficient operation.
  • It is one of the most fire resistant liners. (tested and proven)
  • It has high insulation for better fire containment.
  • It has the best corrosion resistance – protecting occupants' health.
  • It is quick & clean to install – minimising disruption.
  • It has a long working life.
  • It is guaranteed for 25 years.

+ Why do we need to line a chimney?

In recent years there have been many deaths caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. This is due to the acidic condensates precipitating from flue gasses, which corrode mortar, concrete and sometimes even stainless steel. To avoid this, all gas and oil heated chimneys must be lined against corrosion.

+ How are most chimneys lined at present?

The most common techniques involve inserting corrosion resistant tubes into the existing chimney. This can cause several problems. For example, stainless steel tubes cannot be inserted into a crooked chimney without breaking the walls. Thin walled (0.3mm) stainless steel flexible tubes can be pulled into a non-linear chimney, but they are prone to corrosion. To solve these problems, FuranFlex has been developed. It has been used successfully for over 20 years in more than 28 countries.

+ Can Furanflex25® be used with wood burning stoves?

Yes, FuranFlex can be manufactured to line from a splay end gather up through the chimney. This means the characteristics of the chimney are not changed, but improved gas flow allows the appliance to be operated without adjustment to fire opening dimensions or the requirement for a chimney fan.

+ Can furanflex25® be used for ventilation systems?

FuranFlex can be installed into existing ductwork to ensure a gas tight duct. It has a very smooth inner surface to minimise turbulence and noise. Furanflex can be usually fitted in one day and access is only required at each end of the duct.

+ Can Furanflex25® be used in kitchen extraction systems?

FuranFlex is installed as one continuous lining which is totally waterproof and airtight, making it ideal for kitchen extractors. It provides a smooth, easily cleaned duct and access is only required at the ends. Kitchen extractor ducts up to 1000mm diameter and over 50m in length can be installed swiftly to ensure kitchens do not have to close.

+ Can Furanflex25® be used in the chemical industry?

FuranFlex has been installed in chemical cabinet and oil refinery ducts. With a very quick installation time and minimal downtime, production is not interrupted.

+ Can Furanflex25® be used in SE and U ducting systems?

FuranFlex can be installed and branches fitted during installation to allow boilers to be refitted in the same position. This gives a totally gas tight duct for safe operation, the only joints being where the boilers are fitted. This means they can be inspected during routine maintenance intervals. As the FuranFlex is waterproof, it also allows suitable condensing boilers to be fitted.

+ What about drainage and water applications?

FuranFlex has been widely used to line existing fall pipes, and as the lining material is only 2.5mm thick, it does not substantially reduce cross sectional area. This can be achieved even if there is only access to the pipe at one end. The process leaves a smooth lining, strengthening the pipe.

+ Is Furanflex25® more expensive than stainless steel ?

There are many issues to be considered when comparing the two. Comparsions based on cost factors alone ultimately may not deliver the most economic solution over time. FuranFlex25® can be installed in one day, it does not need any wall deconstruction and can be installed in chimneys of any dimension or shape. The Guarantee provided for stainless steel tubes is generally 10 years, while FuranFlex25® liner tubes are provided with a 25 year guarantee.

+ How much dust is generated during a typical Furanflex25® installation?

Very little dust is generated as there is no need for any wall demolition during the installation process, other than obtaining access to the top and bottom of the chimney. However, there may be some limited disturbance if existing clay liners need to be removed.

+ How long does the installation take?

Lining a chimney with the FuranFlex25® system can be completed in six hours. However, there may be some delay if some unforseen issue arises during prepatory works.

+ Can old chimneys be lined with Furanflex25®?

There is no such thing as an old chimney; there are only good or bad ones. Having been lined with FuranFlex25® liner, chimneys become renewed and useful again. The installed FuranFlex25® will have the hardness of steel, which reinforces the original chimney. The structural state of the chimney will also be surveyed prior to installing FuranFlex25® liner.

+ Can Furanflex25® be used in heating different?

Yes, it can. As gas and oil heating generate larger amount of condensate, FuranFlex25® chimney liner is recommended. For wood heating with flue gas of a higher temperature and more carbon, it is recommended that FuranFlex® RWV brand of liner be installed.

+ Are there any other applications for Furanflex25®?

Yes. We have used the system across a range of areas:

  • We have successfully used Furanflex25 to reline underground water and sewer pipes.
  • We have relined guttering systems where cast iron pipes have cracked and are leaking. Aesthetically, these pipes cannot be replaced due to the buildings historical listing.

+ Are there any other Irish chimney relining companies that install Furflex25®?

No. Action Chimneys are the sole agent and installer for Furanflex25 in the Republic of Ireland.

+ Is it possible to see the process being carried out?

Yes. Action Chimneys have posted a video of the entire process which can be viewed from this link .

Please contact us if you wish to ask any questions other than those above. We welcome your input and will update our selection should you take the time to make contact.