Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, good ventilation is essential as it protects your health and your home. Good ventilation is as critical to your comfort and safety as a reliable heating system, a smoke alarm, or a carbon monoxide alarm.


Why Is Ventilation Important For Proper Indoor Air Quality?

The traditional means of achieving natural ventilation in our homes was to simply open a window. With the growing concerns about rising energy costs, homeowners  have been busy making homes "tighter" from an efficiency standpoint. Armed with weather sealing, caulk guns and new insulation technologies we have gone a long way towards eliminating air leaks from our homes.

Unfortunately, this results in limited quantities of fresh air being present to support proper combustion in a fireplace.

How ventilation impacts on your home

  • Provides an adequate supply of fresh air for a healthy and comfortable environment for the occupants.
  • Provides an adequate air supply for the safe operation of particular types of fuel burning appliances.
  • Minimises the risk of condensation within a particular area.
  • Avoidance of the accumulation of radon and other dangerous gases in affected areas.

The installation process

Note: The installation of  a drilled wall vent should not be undertaken without the requisite skills and equipment. The core drilling operation should not under any circumstance be undertaken from a ladder. A properly constructed work platform is of vital importance as the force generated by a core drill can easily overpower the  operator and lead to serious injury. 

  • The interior and exterior area surrounding the drill area is protected to contain any dust generated during the drilling process.
  • Typically, a hole between 100-150mm diameter is drilled using a core drill in the external wall.
  • A uPVC insert in placed inside the hole.
  • Moulded vent covers are fitted and secured to the face of the wall both internally and externally.
  • The installation is tested and all debris and equipment removed from the site.

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Action-chimneys-wall vent installation

Action-chimneys-wall vent installation

Under no circumstances should a contractor operate a core drill from a ladder on your property.