In addition to flue relining and chimney repair, we also provide a complete range of services including insurance survey reports, smoke tests, chimney design consultation, appliance installation, fume control and home ventilation expertise

The relining options available

Once a chimney survey has been undertaken, Action Chimneys advises the home owner on the most appropriate relining option for the property. This decision is made based on a number of factors such as flue function, structure and geometry of the existing chimney. The two most common relining solutions are ceramic flues and flexiflues. The video clips added below will provide you with an understanding of the relining process for both options and clearly display the level of care we take while working in and around your home.


Why choose Action Chimneys

  • With over 28 years experience servicing family homes nationwide we have built up specialist knowledge and expertise in chimney function and geometry.

  • Highly experienced and qualified engineers work alongside tradesmen such as bricklayers and plasterers who will ensure a top quality finish.

  • We are the only Irish installers of Furanflex25 a non-destructive lining system for chimneys.

  • We are the only Irish member of N.A.C.E. The National Association of Chimney Engineers covers Ireland and the UK and is the foremost authority with regard to compliant chimney lining and repair.

  • We have full public liability insurance for all personnel and works carried out by Action Chimneys.

  • Action Chimneys is fully committed to onsite Health & Safety.

  • We leave happy customers behind! Check out our testimonials.

  • Registered and certified by OFTEC, the Oil Firing Technical Association for the Republic of Ireland which oversees the standards for oil and solid fuel heating appliances.

Additional Services

Action Chimneys provide a complete range of services including insurance survey reports, smoke tests, chimney design consultation, stove installation, and home ventilation.

We offer comprehensive surveys of residential chimneys using the latest in CCTV technology to ensure they are in optimum working condition. The cost associated with a chimney inspection is property dependent, but our office staff will be in a position to provide you with an estimate once they have the details of your property.
For estimation of remedial works, or for use in insurance claims, a written report will be provided together with a link to the video footage as part of our comprehensive inspection service. 

The survey service we offer is not dependant on the homeowner engaging Action Chimneys to undertake any remedial work discovered during the inspection. However, we are most willing to consult or undertake the work if requested.