Poor quality chimney relining job

There had been a serious chimney fire in this house and the chimney had been relined with a flexible flue. The owner was none the wiser, but the relining had probably left the occupants in more danger after the repair than before.

action chimneys remove existing flexible flues

The original cracked flues were relined with a flexible flue. The stainless steel bends servicing the stove were propped with wood and hidden from view. There was no insulation placed between the liner and the original so heat from the steel liner could ignite the soot still covering the old flue.

removing section of wall during chimney relining

Remedial action undertaken

Action Chimneys removed both the original clay flue and the stainless steel liner and replaced these with a flexible steel liner. We then insulated the area surrounding the new liner and left the inside ready for decorating.