Action Chimneys with a little piece of local history

We undertook a chimney repair of this house in Rosebery, Newbridge. The house is locally known as the " Laundry House" and has been in existence for over one hundred and fifty years. The house is steeped in history as it served as the primary washing facility for the British army barracks that was once situated in the town.

Nowadays the house is simply a comfortable home and following a chimney fire was in need of some attention. The existing chimney stack was constructed from brick so we planned to replace and repair the some damaged bricks and the insert a stainless steel flue into the chimney stack.

The brick chimney stack was badly damaged above and below the roof line so we erected a scaffold and removed the bricks down below the roofline. We then rebuilt the stack and carried out remideal works below.

Fire damage inside chamber.

Fire damage inside chamber.

New flue in place

Chimney casing rebuilt.

Chimney breast rendered.

Completed stack rendered and flashed with new slates used where necessary.

Scaffolding and skip on site for certified removal of waste material.

Dust screen in place to minimise dust.

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