The importance of room ventilation

Practically every home in the Ireland will have some form of ventilation. Many homeowners don’t realise the importance of wall vents, and so block them up or cover them with the understanding that more vents mean more draughts. 

Ventilation serves a number of function in a house:

Fuel combustion – Open fires and gas fires rely on good ventilation in the room to create the right environment for the fuel to burn. If vents are blocked off, the air in the room will be used up, and the fire may start to produce carbon monoxide – a lethal gas.

Condensation – If there is not enough air flow in the home, condensation can build up and cause damp and mould to form. This can be avoided by improving airflow, warming the walls up through insulation techniques and / or use of mechanical ventilation and dehumidification. For most homes, the addition of some vents will greatly reduce this problem.

 Preventing rot – Homes with suspended timber floors will have ground level vents that allow the air to circulate around the floorboards. This prevents the timber from suffering with damp and eventually rotting.

Health – Not only are all the above dangerous to health, good ventilation will ensure that you are breathing good quality air and that the rooms don’t get too stuffy.

If you have a concern regarding ventilation requiremeents for your home then please get in touch with us and we will advise you on the matter.

Tom Cash