Cowboy Gas Installer

Poor quality workmanship is something that I am well used to dealing with on a daily basis, but recently I came across a gas installation that was simply life threatening. Allow me to provide you with some detail so you can make your own judgement:

A person made contact with the office with respect to a wall mounted gas fire they had installed in their living room. The couple bought the house six months previous with the gas fire installed on the chimney breast above the original fire opening that was covered over. These gas wall units are very popular, they look very much like a TV mounted on you living room wall.

The couple noticed that whenever the fire was in operation they found themselves falling asleep and feeling poorly, little did the couple realise that they were being poisoned each time they operated the fire. Eventually they decided to remove the wall mounted gas fire and reposition a stove in the original opening. 

Action Chimneys were called in to carry out a survey on the chimney and this is what we found. Please excuse the poor quality of first photo.


There was no flue gathering system installed; the flue simply ended as you see it here. Whenever the fire was lit, the flue gases from combustion made their way back into the room where the occupants were subjected to carbon monoxide poisoning.

The owner of the adjoining property requested that his flue be replaced so we relined both flues and made good for decorating as shown. We refitted a lintel and enlarged gather system opening so that a new stove fitted into the opening as opposed to outside in the room.

How could any person walk away from this house knowing that the occupants of both houses were living in danger of being poisoned?