Example of poor chimney relining at it's best

We carried out a repair to a previously relined chimney that had been undertaken when a new solid fuel stove was being installed. The flexible flue was connected directly to the stove which is a blatant disregard for safety regulations which specifies that a 600mm rigid pipe must be fitted between the cooker and the flexible flue.

Regulation also dictates that the stainless steel flexible flue must be backfilled with insulation to to protect the flue. This insulation keeps the flue gases warm, which in turn prevents soot buildup and reduces condensation inside the flue.

Our initial investigation also discovered that the person employed to clean the chimney did not clean the last meter from the top. Unfortunately, this is common practice so as to avoid knocking off the bird guard that was attached to the top of the flue and run the chance of breaking some slates as it slid from the roof.

Excessive soot build up due to the flue not being cleaned right to the top

Remedial  Action Undertaken

We relined the chimney with a flexible flue

We relined the chimney with a flexible flue

Reinstalled the capping an fitted decorative flues.

Chimney breast made ready for decoration