Traditional terrace relining with upgrade

We were called in to reline this terrace house that had a serious fire in a brick lined chimney. Prior to the introduction of clay flues, all houses had brick lined chimneys whose openings are far smaller than modern ones. This led to a problem as a standard size 200mm flexible flue was going to be too tight for the chimney opening. We were also keen to preserve the aesthetics of the existing chimney and wanted to carry out a seamless repair.

Existing stack in poor condition

Existing open fireplace

Existing open fireplace

Remedial Work Undertaken

In consultation with the owner, we made a decision to reline the chimney with a 150mm flue as opposed to a standard 200mm, the minimum size flue diameter for a solid fuel stove is 150mm while a 200mm flue is required for an open fire. In addition, this small diameter flue would allow us to insulate the space around the flue.

We opened up and enlarged the existing chimney breast.

Fitted a new lintel with a larger gather to take a solid fuel stove.

The Completed Project

The client was simply delighted with the end product and now has a far more efficient means of heating their living area. We also managed to carry out the repair externally without compromising the look of the original stack.

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