A potentially dangerous wooden partition


Our survey team were recently called to carry out a survey out on a chimney that was causing problems. The owner informed us that the stove had not been used for some time and when it was lit a stained liquid began seeping down the stove pipe and onto the stove. Our survey team discovered a number of issues and found that the chimneys had undergone sever internal and exterior damage as a result of a chimney fire. We identified some cracked flues and an incorrectly fitted transition piece that mated between the clay flue and the stove pipe rising from the stove. Our survey team also found that a wooden partition had been fitted to reduct the height of the stove alcove. This type of wooden partition in itself is against building regulations, this issue was further compounded by the routing of electric cables on the inside of the partition to service  TV mounted on the partition.

Remideal Action undertaken

On arrival our team erected a secure working platform and set about removing the wooden partition inside the house. The chimney breast was opened and all flues and filling material removed. We completely relined the chimney with Ceramic liners and filled the cavity with insulated material. At roof level we fitted a new capping and expansion plate.

Incorrectly fitted transition piece with evidence of seepage.

Wooden partition used to lower the stove opening.

Electrical cables routed behind the partition.

Scaffolding erected

Internal dust management room with extraction dust system.

Cracked flue exposed

Existing flues and filling completly removed from chimney stack prior to relining. 

New ceramic liners installed with each flue individually sealed.

Ducting track formed in block work prior to rendering.

Inside the living room we built up the block work and cut a ducting passage to route cable services for the TV. The internal wall was then plastered and made ready for decoration.

Roof level with ceramic liners

Chimney capping in place

New capping cast.

Completed chimney breast with stove installed.

Every project is unique to Action Chimneys and to reflect this we provide each customer with a certificate of completion and compliance. This document is stamped with unique number issued by in the NACE in the UK which is the organisation that oversees chimney repair and relining standards in both Ireland and the Uk. 

You can view a video fo this type of ceramic flue installation on our chimney relining page.