Mid feather wall repair in Wexford


Mid Feather flue construction has been in use since Victorian times and comprises of thin, vertical walls of bricks that divide the flues within a chimney stack. Action Chimneys has considerable experience dealing with this type of flue construction which was used in chimney construction in houses built up until 1965. Standard bricks were used in the construction with a thin layer of rendering (parging) being applied to the bricks. 

Mid feather flue construction.

Houses had numerous flues running in a stack and the flues had to slope or corbel as they rose until they met and then continued straight up and past roof level. In some cases only a single porous brick separated each flue which when compromised would allow flue gases to flow into adjoining flue and into the house.

This particular house in Wexford had such an issue with mid feather walls.


Our team of chimney engineers arrived on site and erected a secure working platform. Once we excavated the chimney breast at ground level it became obvious that the back gable wall of the chimney stack was in a serious need of repair as daylight was steaming in through the joints between the bricks. Following consultation with the owner we decided to remove the damaged portion of the gable wall at ground level and make the necessary repair.

Opening at ground level

Existing brick chamber

Existing brick chamber

Mid feather walls removed to roof level.

At roof level we removed the damaged chimney stack down to first floor level and rebuilt the stack which was lined with flexible flues.

Surround for new stove in gable wall.

Lintel set in place

New flue in place

Chimney stack rebuilt and capped

New capping in place with insulation material.

Chimney being flashed.

Chimney stack finish to match existing plaster work.

Cowls fitted 

Internal plaster completed

Stove opening made good

View inside opening to transition piece.





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